Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Perfect Person...

...are you out there?

I know that I have been completely absent from blogging lately, but life is pretty stressful right now. I told you a few weeks ago that I have just started a new job, and that is going wonderfully. I still enjoy what I do and the hours are so much better. I love getting to spend my evenings with Emmalee. She seems to be growing up so fast. But as soon as she goes to bed, Brant and I are at the computer trying to find our perfect person.

Ms. Regina is Emmalee's caregiver. She is so incredibly wonderful and has in-home care for children. Two of our other dear friends have their children in Ms. Regina's care too. Regina has loved Emmalee like her own for the past 2 months and I have never once had to worry about my daughter's care when she is with Regina. But sadly, Ms. Regina is going back to work in the corporate world. At first, I wanted to be angry, but I couldn't be. She wasn't looking to go back to work - the Lord simply brought her an incredible opportunity that would enable her to provide financially for her family. I understand that - there is a reason I sit in an office all day long - its not because I want to. Its because, as a mother, we do what we have to in order to provide.

So I have never once felt any anger, just sadness...and stress! when I was pregnant, finding Regina was easy because she had an opening, we have amazing recommendations from two families and we immediately connected with her during our interview. But finding another Regina has proven almost impossible. There always seems to be something that I don't like - whether its their personality, their home, the number of kids they are already keeping, or their care schedule...its always something. So then we thought about the idea of a nanny-share with other friends, but then you have to deal with the government and taxes...and that just seems like a headache.

So right now, we have a friend keeping Em until we find something permanent. Mine and Brant's prayer has been that the Lord bring the perfect person for our, and mostly Emmalee's needs. As a mom, I won't leave my child with just anyone.

So Ms. Regina, you will be deply missed, but know that we wish you the absolute BEST for the future!

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