Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Craft Day

Brant and I are incredibly lucky to be members of a great church, Walnut Ridge.  We love our church family and have built some incredible friendships.  Even though Brant and I both teach in the youth group, we are still members of a Sunday School class, One.  It is a class of young marrieds without children - we are the exception but we couldn't bear to leave after Em was born!  

One thing I love about our class is the social events.  This Saturday, Jalah hosted a craft day at her house, and the guys hung out at Derek and Emily's house for College Football day!  We all met and had a big breakfast, then headed over to Jalah's for craft day.  Jalah had sent everyone a link to the Nester's Wreath Party a few weeks back, and everyone brought the supplies for the wreath they wanted to make.  Several ladies (including myself) made the coffee filter wreath.  If you haven't checked this linky party out - you should!  There are some amazing wreaths made from everyday "stuff" you have around the house!

Here is our work table as we started to get down to business.  From L to R - Megan, Kristen, Amanda and Jalah.

Here are Amanda's projects.  She did a small coffee filter wreath, and the burlap wreath.  how awesome is that burlap wreath, especially once she puts her big fall bow on the top?  I just loved this idea, so I plan on making one as well!

Jalah made a coffee filter wreath, but she did this coffee filter Christmas tree last year for our ladies Christmas banquet.  She helped all of us with our coffee filter wreaths since she knew what she was going - and we did not!  I just love this idea.  You might see a few of these in my house for Christmas decorations this year!

And here is my wreath.  I am very happy with the way it turned out, and I have the perfect place for it.  Lil Miss came with Momma because Daddy had to work.  I just took her travel swing and she was a perfect angel all day long.  I don't know that she ever even whimpered.  She was just happy to be with the girls! 


Tricia Nae said...

How fun is that?! I have a couple of wreathes pinned that I want to make...just need to find the time!

Grimes Life said...

How fun! Super cute wreath and even more, SUPER cute girl! :) Miss yall! :)

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