Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabulous Five {Months}

Well Miss Em,
You are now 5 months old and just the cutest little thing I have ever laid eyes on!  You are growing and changing everyday and I cannot believe how big you are getting.

You are still an easy-going, laid back baby.  You just go with the flow and have fun!  Last weekend, we went on a mini-vacation with all of our friends to Austin, TX.  You never even made a peep in the car and were the happiest baby all weekend.  Everyone loved holding you and playing with you.

You can now roll over from your back to your tummy and you love to play on the ground.  You really like your excersaucer too, although you try to eat all of the toys on it.  At 4 months old we put you in it for the first time and your feet couldn't touch the ground.  We had to put a pillow under you.  Now, just one short month later, you feet can touch the ground and you can "jump".  TV is your new "friend".  You love to watch all the bright colors and movement.

You are wearing 3-6 month clothes.  Some of your pj's are even 6-9 months just because you are so long.  Momma has had to buy special pj's without feet so that you can wear them longer.  You still sleep through the night.  You go to sleep around 8:30 and I have to wake you up at 6:30 in the morning so that I can feed you before I go to work.  You have 4-5 7oz. bottles of formula everyday and one serving of fruit and cereal in the evenings.  You LOVE to eat your cereal.  You're beginning to lose some of your hair and its growing back blonde like your daddy. 

You love to talk, laugh and sing when we are in the car.  You are always reaching out to touch thing.  You love to pet Dax and you giggle when he comes near you.  You are still the brightest ray of sunshine in our lives and you make your daddy and I smile every, single day.  We are so in love with you! 

Emmalee, being your momma is the {still} the best thing I have ever done!  I love you!

Because Em is always on the move now, I had a heck of a time trying to get her 5 month picture.  Here is the best one.  

And here are the ones in between!

"Can I roll over and play yet?"

"Oooohhh, my feet!"
"Mom, can we stop taking pictures now.  I just want to eat my feet!"

And here is my favorite of the day! What a cutie!!!!!!!!

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Rach said...

She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Really beautiful! I am so happy for your little family!

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