Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm a fool...for Scrapbooking!

On New Years Day Mom, Sister and I sat around and scrapbooked...ALL day long!  It was glorious!  So since this week has been a "slow" week, I have been working like crazy on Emmalee's scrapbook. 

Digital Kit(s):  Sweet Petite by MLE Card

Digital Kit(s):  Some Like it Hot by Zoe Pearn;

Digital Kit(s): Mia's Room by Shabby Miss Jen; Burst Into Spring by Julie Bullock
Digital Kit(s): Taking Chances by Wild Dandelions

Digital Kit(s):  Express Yourself from Shabby Princess
Digital Kit(s): Calliope
Digital Kit(s): Autumn Blanket by Summertime Designs; Damask and Dots by Shabby Princess Designs; and Fancy Pants by Traci Reed

Digital Kit(s): Cupcake by Designs by Krista
Digital Kit(s): Angel Mother by Summertime Designs; Blooming Heart by Wild Dandelions; Color Me Wild by Julie Bullock

Digital Kit(s): Slice of Life - Collaboration Kit by Scrap Orchard; Color Burst by Jennifer Fox Designs

 Digital Kit(s): Brush by Jessica Sprague; Learning to Love Myself by Melissa Bennett;
Working on the page of when she turned 1 month old reminded me of how glad I am that I blog a monthly "letter" to her.  I literally just copied her blog letter onto her scrapbook page with the pictures - its perfect.

Y'all, I love scrapbooking - especially digital scrapping.  There is something so great (at least to me) about the idea of being something to leave something behind for my children to always have and always remember - something made just for them by their mom.  I love all the actions and "cool" things you can do to your photos to make them "pop"; I love all the papers, and elements, and cute alphas.  I'm really falling in love with templates right now - they are just so great and easy to use...especially when you have a lot of pictures - you just pop 'em right in without having to make sure they are perfectly sized and lined up.  And, of course I love looking at other people's work.  I could spend hours in online galleries just browsing through pages and getting great ideas for my next project.  Oh - I could literally go on and on about how much I love this.  

I am so excited that we have nothing going on this weekend - so I plan on spending most of my weekend on the floor playing with a sweet little ray of sunshine, and scrapbooking her baby book some more!  In my opinion, that is PERFECT weekend!  So, if you're a scrapper, PLEASE let me a comment and a link to your page or gallery - I want to see your incredible pages too!!!!


Anonymous said...

What an amazingly beautiful scrapbook you've made for your precious little girl...know she'll cherish that someday!!

Keshet said...

Such cute pages! I'm a scrapbooker too--my first little one is on the way, so I love seeing your baby pages! My projects are on my

When My Bell Rings said...

Tell me more about digital scrapping ... I am new to it. I've scrap booked the traditional way and enjoy that. When you buy on the site, what do you get? What's the process? Sorry for stupidity.... Just curious.

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