Monday, January 9, 2012

Ready...Set...Lose 40 pounds!

That's right - my mission for 2012 is to lose 40 lbs!!!

So goodbye fatty foods...


Hello Weight Watchers!
Before I got pregnanty with Emmalee, I spent 6 months losing 35 lbs.  Then I gained 42 during my pregnancy, and now I'm 20 from my prepregnancy weight (I was about 10 away but then the holidays hit!).

I'm lucky though because my co-worker whom I share an office with, Jessica, just had a baby and wants to lose 40 as well.  So we are doing this together, and the great news is that we have a company gym in our office that is free to use.  So everyday at 2, we plan on walking for at elast 30-40 minutes, then of course using the Weight Watcher's Points Plus System. 

So recently I was reading a recent issue of "Parents" magazine and it discussed New Years Resolutions.  One of the things it said was not to set goals that span a year because those goals are the ones that we are most likely to fail at.  It said to set goals in a more acheivable fasion - such as a goal for each month or one for each quarter of the year.  So I have decided to apply this theory to weight loss.  My first goal is to lose 15 lbs by Emmalee's first birthday - April 15th.  

So today is officially day 1!!  Let's see how I do my first week, which is always the hardest! 

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Annie said...

you can do it momma!!! i'm back on the wagon as well, after losing all my baby weight and then some i've gained some back through the holidays as well. gaining is never as fun as losing. i don't even know where to start, i'm junk food obsessed ;)

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