Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Decorate your house, or Decorate you?

Ok, so I am in need of opinoins from my dear friends!

I have been doing direct sales for only a short time and I love it! I have so much fun becasue it is basically just being the "why" to have a girls-night out! However, the company I do sales for is fun and exciting, but I have recently been offered a new oportunity. So, I thought I would just get some feedback from the women of the blogging world!

If you were invited to a friends house for a party, which would "strike your fancy" more: Jewelry or Home Decor

If you were going to host a party at your home, would you rather have someone selling jewelry collection, or entertainment serving pieces?

Which would you be more likely to re-order: new jewelry, or party foods?
Please help...I need to know what other women out there want: a company that has great, high-quality fashion jewely what continues to change with all the newest trends, or would you rather have a company that is 3 -in-one: Home decor (like Southern Living) Entertainment Food (like Pampered Cheff) and delicious foods (Like Homemade Gourmet). If you want to really take a look, go to these websites: and Let me know which type of product you would prefer!


Janelle & Ella said...

I would probably buy more stuff from the Southern Living type one rather than jewelry. But that could be just me. :-)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I'm not a big fan of Southern Living. I do however like Pampered Chef a lot , and this is partly because when you go to the parties you learn something and can buy something small if you can't afford something big.

I've never been to a food party, but I do really like Tastefully Simple foods, I haven't heard of the other one you mentioned.

I think it's all about how fun the party actually is though.

Caroline said...

SOUTHERN LIVING!!!!! oh i love buying home pampered cheif is a fun party.

The Roaming Southerner said...

I'd say depending on your audience:
For younger girls (18-28), who maybe living a transient lifestyle or small apartments: jewelry, esp. if it is fun and funky.

For "older" gals (28+), home decor. It will have a wider range of appeal.

But I do know my mom loves doing her christmas shopping at jewelry parties and I love recieving!

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