Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've been tagged!

Caroline tagged me, so here we go.

The details:List 7 random things that people may not know about you. The rules are to link the person who sent this to you and leave a comment on their blog so their readers can visit yours. Post the rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking their blog.

1) I love to play the piano. I'm actually not that great at it, but I love it. My mom put me in piano lessons at the age of 4, and I took lessons until I was 17, so you think I would be goo,d but I'm only a little good. However, I absolutely love playing. When I get upset, or I'm angry, this is one of the best ways to calm me down. Becasue of my love of the piano, I can listen to piano music 24/7!

2)I am an actress at heart. In college, I acted with a small theatre and had the best time. I was the Pink Lady "Jan" in the production of Grease...you know, the one who loves the twinkies and wine! To me, acting is a way to become someone you're not and experience the world through someone else's eyes. I haven't done anything lately becasue with a wedding and getting married, I haven't had a ton of time.

3) I love real estate! Through high school and college I was an assistant for a real estate agent and I have had a love for houses and real estate ever since. I love to see the latest architecural techniques builders use. And I, like Caroline, love walking through homes that aren't quite finished yet...and then I think about what I would do to decorate if I lived in that house...and then imagine what my life would be like if I lived in that house...again, an actress at heart.

4) I love books and reading. When I was a little girl, I used to want to be a children's book author. During the summers, I would set up my mom's typewriter in my bedroom (because most people didn't have computers back then) and I would write stories - storeis about some of the craziest things - whatever my little mind came up with. Sometimes, I still think about writing - I made my best grades in school in English lit classes!

5)When I graduated college, I went to live and work in an orphanage in Honduras for 3 months. It was definitely an eye-opening expereince, and a difficult one at that, but I wouldn't take those 3 months back for anything in the world. Becasue of this "chapter" in my life, I truly learned what having the joy of the Lord meant.

6)I have an insane facination with tornados, but I FREAK OUT if I even hear there is a tornado touchdown close to where I live. I just think that tornados are one of the most amazing creations God has ever made, but I am really scared to death of them. Twister is one of my all-time favorite movies.

7) I wish I would have been born in the late 1800's. I would have LOVED to be a "true" southern belle - living in Charleston. I would have had a horse drawn carrriage and the biggest petty coat in town! I'm really a southern belle at heart, ya'll. Three years in a row, I was Scarlett O'Hara for Halloween!

Ok, now I tag,


Caroline said...

I LOVE ALL YOUR facts!!!!! They sound like my favs. Thanks for sharing!!!!! fun fun

The Roaming Southerner said...

I have to say, I only enjoyed being a belle now that I am out of the south. Back home I'm too big of a tom boy to compete with the true belles. But people here in the Midwest accept my quasi-belleness quite nicely. Thanks for leaving a comment...I'll make sure and tag you so I can stop by later!

wetherell said...

Here I go sweet friend!!!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I like these random things memes. You really do learn a lot about people from them.

You sound a lot like my sister who plays the piano, is dramatic and whatnot. :)

Katie said...

Thanks for commenting!! I hope that when you get pregnant...you still want coffee all day long! I was the type who looked forward to it every morning...made it worth getting out of bed! Now, it's not desirable AT ALL...nauseated or not. Look forward to reading your blog! Dax is a cutie!

Jessica said...

So nice to meet you! You are a girl after my own heart!

Caroline said...

oh my gosh you need to go to the concert with us!!!!!!!

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