Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun-Filled Weekend

Well this was definitely a busy, but fun-filled weekend. Friday night, Brant and I got a pizza from Papa Murphys and stayed at home to watch Thursday's episode of Lost! Can you believe Kate has Aaron? It really makes me concerned about what happens to Claire. Saturday, DBU had a baseball game at 1, so Brant left the house pretty early to go to work on the field, and I cleaned the house. Then my dad called and he was going shopping for new patio furniture and since he knew Brant was working, he asked if I wanted to come I did. Then Mason (my 9 year old nephew) had his last Upwards basketball games at 1 and 2, so we went to cheer him on (Way to Go Spartan for Winning BOTH Games!!!!).

After the games, Kate and I had some girl time. Let me preface this by saying that my sister was at a scrapbooking retreat all weekend, so the "girl-time" was to help Kate pass the time without her mom, and also to help my brother-in-law keep his hair (since he was attempting to "take-on" all 4 kids). So what better place to have girl time than the salon! We went and got our nails painted and had so much fun together.

After I took Kate home, Brant came and picked me up to go to another DBU baseball game. This time, they were playing at University of Texas in Arlington (only 10 minutes from our house) and we decided to go cheer them on. Praise God for Andrew Purttle who brought us back in the top of the 9th to win 4 to 3! Way to go DREW!

Then on Sunday, Brant and I joined our new church...SouthPointe Baptist Church. We feel so blessed that the Lord finally led us to the exact place He wants us to be. We cannot wait to jump-in and start serving. Brant's parents had come into town for the weekend, so they took us out to lunch Sunday afternoon - we went to Abuelos, my favorite Mexican restaurant! They also Aeson with them, Brant's nephew. He is s adorable.

Then we relaxed the rest of day and watched the Oscars last night. Well, I watched some of it, then went to bed at 9:30...Early to bed, early to rise! And that was our fun-filled weekend!!!

Much love,



Caroline said...

I am so glad you guys joined that church!!!!! that is just wonderful!!!!! glad you had a great weekend.

Janelle & Ella said...

First, love Papa Murphy's pizza!
Second, loved Lost! I was SO SHOCKED at the end with Kate and Aaron. CRAZY!!

Ginger said...

Just curious where your sister went to a scrapbook retreat at?? We had about 5-6 people from Texas at the one I was at this past weekend in Heber Springs, AR at Lindsey's Resort.

Jessica said...

I haven't been to Papa Murphys. What do you get? Is it all good?

MamaCass said...

I haven't watched Lost yet but now I am really curious and anxious. That is at the top of the list tonight after Tobey goes to bed. I think it is so sweet that you and your niece went to the salon. How fun!

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