Thursday, May 29, 2008

1 Dog or 2 - that is the question

So Brant and I have seen dog-sitting for our good friends, The Erwins, since Sunday. They have two labs: Jeter (5 months) and Bleu Belle (4 years). Two weeks before this, our neighbors have been re-doing the fence and there was no fence between our two yards, so Dax and Reese (the neighbors 2 year-old lab) played together all day long. So, Dax has been surrounded by friends for almost 3 weeks, and I know that he is going to be terribly sad when he is all alone again.

I have said for quite awhile that I would LOVE for my Daxy-Boy to have a brother, but Brant has never been so sure...but now he's actually considering it because he sees how much fun Dax is having with other dogs.

So, the other night, we took all three dogs, Dax, Jeter and Bleu, on a actually went VERY nicely! So Brant and I really began talking about whether or not we should get another dog...rescue one from the pound, or a local shelter. But the dilemma comes in because I say IF we ARE going to get another dog, we need to get it quickly so that Dax isn't lonely for too long., but Brant is completely sure we should get a second one.

So for right now, we are up in the air. Unfortunately, Brant will be watching the DBU Patriots in College Station this weekend, so we don't have a ton of time to talk about it before Jeter and Bleu go back home. So my only choice is to wait and let the Lord lead us...yes, I believe HE leads us even in decisions about dogs!!!

(although can I just tell you that I found a yellow lab, male at the Mansfield Animal Shelter named cute would that be...DAX and DUKE!)

Oh well - I'll keep you posted!


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Janelle & Ella said...

I would definitely be for getting another dog! It would be great and very beneficial for Dax to have a companion.

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