Thursday, May 22, 2008

Calling all Prayer Warriors...

in more ways than one. First of all, pray for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. If you haven't heard, his 5-year old daughter, Maria Sue, was killed yesterday when she was struck by an SUV driven by her older brother. He was pulling into the drive way and didn't see her. Notes from the Soul said it perfectly when she said that yesterday was no surprise to God, but what a battle for this sweet family. Please pray for their broken hearts, and their mourning. Pray that peace surrounds them in every inch of this storm.

Secondly, pray for my dear friend, Jessica. I mentioned her briefly yesterday, but I'll elaborate a bit more. Jessica's grandmother passed away very suddenly early Monday morning - she was not old, not sick, not battling chronic illnesses...she was healthy. But the Lord called her home and it has been a hard battle for this family. Jessica, just as the rest of her family, was very closedto "Mimi", as she was more commonly referred to. She was a woman who exuded Christ with every inch of her being, and had more care and compassion that most people I know. Mimi helped to raise Jessica from the day she was born...Jessica even lived with them for a period time while she and I were in college together. I can remember spending entire summers at their home in Duncanville...I remember shopping (frequently) with Mimi, and going swimming in their pool. My heart is aching for the loss of such an incredible woman...a woman whose heart was as wide open as her arms when welcomed me into her family and loved me like her own. Today, at 11, I will wrap my arms around my best friend and help her say "goodbye" to a woman who brought pure joy to those who knew her.

Pray for the Druin family...for Pappa (her husband Toby). Pray that this family is stronger tomorrow than it is today and that Lord Almighty will be their rock and strength. Pray that Mimi's wish comes true - that today will be great celebration because she is DANCING with her Father.

Much Love,


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...


It's noon here and I'm thinking that you are an hour behind so I am praying for you as you minister to your sweet friend and her family.


Caroline said...

I am just now reading this ashley, but i am praying peace over you all!!!!!

McMommy said...

What a good friend you are. I wish comfort to all those you mentioned.

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