Monday, May 26, 2008

Well, just as I promised, here are some pictures from LAST weekend, when my sis and I went to Shreveport for my cousin's graduation.

This is a picture of Baby Michelle and my MeMe. Michelle and Ethan are only 2 weeks apart and Ethan is double her size!

Part of the family relaxing on MeMe's back porch. We were blessed with beautiful weather!

This is Ethan with Michelle's NaNa!!!

And this is Ethan and Michelle - they like to poke at each other!

For Memorial Day weekend, we ALL (meaning my Mom's entire side of the family, except my mom) went to the Kelley Family Reunion in Louisville, Mississippi at Lake Tiak O'Khata. It was a great time of relaxing and catching up with family from all over! Thursday night, everyone drove to MeMe's house, in Shreveport, since it was about half way. Then Friday morning, the caravan left and made the 5 hour drive to the Lake. Well, 5 hours turned into 6 1/2 hours because of the lunch and a few other necessary stops! But it was well worth the trip!

Friday, we checked into the hotel...Brant and I had a room that adjoined to the Rooney's suite so we had a nice, big space to spread all of our stuff out...not to mention the it allowed the kiddos to come see us anytime they wanted (Kate has a new obsession with her uncle). Before we even had the car completely unloaded, Brant was at the lake with his fishing rod out...that man LOVES to fish! After we got settled, we all went to the buffet at the main was seafood night YUMMMMMM!

Saturday, Brant went golfing, and I played with the kids at the lake, fished and just had fun! We had a big family lunch, then back to fishing and swimming we went, except during the time that we (meaning myself, sis and cousin Krystal) were scrapbooking. After dinner, back to the fish we went and Brant hooked a nice catfish so I RAN, literally RAN the entire way back to the room to grab my camera, RAN ALL the way back to find out that it got off his line....SERIOUSLY? Then a storm blew in, so we packed it up and went back inside.

So, bright and early Sunday morning, Brant was out again and on his first cast, caught the same cat! He was so proud!!!

Well here are some pictures from the weekend. Go over so Sister's blog...I'm sure she'll have more up shortly!
This is Big E and Uncle B!

Big Brother, Baby Brother
Baby Michelle with her Nana

Brant and Baby Michelle

Much Love,

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