Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great Grabbie Designs Offering Custom Christmas Cards!!!


Susan Darter of Raspberry Road Designs has been gracious enough to grant me permission to use some of her fabulous work to design custom Christmas cards for you and your family!

I will offer 2 types of cards:

  1. Simple Custom Cards - $15
  2. Deluxe Custom Cards - $20
Two examples of a Simple Custom Card a below. This design will contain two "papers", one element and one picture.

Simple Custom Sample #1

Simple Custom Sample #2

The Deluxe Custom Card will be multiple papers, elements and up to 3 pictures. An example is below.

Deluxe Custom Sample

***** ON ALL CARDS *****

Fonts and font colors are customized to your liking.
Cards are designs only! Once your design is finished and approved, I will email you the picture file and you can upload and print it at your local convenient store! It is simple and easy. This can ensure that you order the number that you want, and can print more if necessary.


A "design" sheet will be sent to each customer requesting a custom design that will include all information to be contained on the card. I will design a template, then send a draft to you via email. I will allow each customer to markup the design one time, then I will alter the design to your liking.
Once pleased with the design, I will then release the design to you and you are then free to print and do with the file as you wish.

If you are interested in a custom designed Christmas Card for your family or if you have any questions about card designs, please email me at greatgrabbiedesigns at yahoo dot com.

CHECK OUT http://greatgrabbiedesigns.blogspot.com for more information!

Payments accepted through PayPal, Cashiers Check or Money order.


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