Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Shower Day Kelly

Today, several ladies are hosting a blog-shower for Kelly, at Kelly's Korner. If you have never read her blog, then you need to - it is the best!

First of all, I am so excited for you and Scott and cannot wait for precious baby Harper is in your arms. I know that you will be such excellent parents and that this baby is so lucky to have a mom and dad like you and Scott.

I began reading your blog before you were ever pregnant, and my heart would ache with you at each disappointment. I can remember the day when you posted that you were pregnant - what joy!

Thank you for sharing your heart, your recipes and your life with us. We have cried with you and are so thrilled to now be rejoicing with you! I know that you will be so blessed with this child and I know that your prayers have been answered. Thank you for following in the Father's footsteps and praying for those who have been in the same place that you once were. Thank you for your willingness to post prayer requests for others and to be a special light in our blog land!

We love you and are so excited for you! I pray the Father continues to bless your precious family!

In Him,



Jenna said...

Gabbie, thanks so much for participating in the shower! Your post was so sweet!!!

And I love your blog - too cute!! Have a great night!

Kelly said...

Thank you Ashley - that is so sweet!!! Every word means so much to me!!!

Jacquie said...

I just dropped in for the shower. Your blog is SOOOO cute.

Jenna said...

Ok, I just came back to admire your adorable blog some more and realized I totally called you Gabbie and not Grabbie. I'm so sorry! I blame it on the cuteness!!!

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