Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update on the Walkers

Here is the update I received yesterday from John Durham, my former pastor at First Baptist Irving. Please continue to be in prayer for this family.

Friends of the Walkers,

Hope all is well with you today. When you consider our friends Chuck and Kristi dealing with this crisis of cancer, it almost causes an election to fade some into the background. I had a long talk with Chuck a few moments ago, he and Kristi were at the hospital for several hours today doing re-evaluations and considering some other courses of action.

How about the good news first? Platelet counts were way up (hovering over 100,000) which is incredible considering she was at 29,000 a few weeks back. Her abdomen wound is healing well now and both of those are praises to God and answers to our prayers.

Some tough news now – the doctors said in the re-evaluation today that there is nothing available in today’s technology or medicine that can stop the spread of her type of cancer. The doctor pronounced it incurable today to Chuck and Kristi both. She (the doctor) said that parts of Kristi’s liver were presently shutting down. Because of the cancer and possibly a tumor now in her brain, Kristi’s speech is impeded and that is frustrating to her. She and Chuck both want to spend some strong quality time with the three boys this week. Chuck’s main prayer request of us is that we pray for his words with their oldest son, Cade 4 ½ years old, to help him understand his mom’s situation and condition.

Chuck has not given up hope on God’s healing of his wife; let me be very emphatic about that, he has given up ZERO ground in his faith in God’s ability to heal and his deep trust in God. Let’s join him in unwavering faith and deep trust in our God. I am planning on flying up there, perhaps even next week, to grab a lunch with Chuck and to see Kristi.

He apologizes again for not being able to answer voicemails, emails, cards and texts...we all know Chuck well enough that it is frustrating to him to not be able to talk to each of you. I will continue to keep you updated.

Our God is able,

John Durham


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