Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Long Overdue...

I'm so sorry that this post is so overdue - it was a crazy week, and a crazy weekend, and I just thought I would fill you in.

Lets begin with last week, I was sick! My best friends were Kleenex, Nyquil, and the Neti Pot!!! If you have ever used one of these, you know how crazy it is, and it you haven't, then you should! It's a sinus rinse. You put warm water and a pre-packaged saline mix into the little pot, stick one side in your nose and lean over the sink. The liquid runs through the sinus cavity and drains out the other nostril. Its sounds disgusting, but it releases all of "crud" stuck up there. I was do this every morning, and every night and was finally able to release all of the congestion. So last week, I was definitely feeling miserable! But I pressed on!!!

On Wednesday, our house guest came - my little cousin Clint! Clint is a welder and has been working in North Carolina for some time now, but was offered a position in Midlothian. Since he is purly Texas born and raised, he jumped at the chance to come home! His family, however, lived outside of Palenstine (2 hours away from Dallas), but our house is 10 minutes from Midlothian! So, he came to stay in our guest room for awhile (well, about 5 weeks.). So Welcome Clinto Bean!

Thursday was Connor's 7th Birthday - check out sisters blog for lots of pics! He is so darn cute and I cannot belive how big he has gotten!

Saturday was DBU's homecoming, so we went to a big PepRally, then headed to the basketball game. It was FANTASTIC and DBU won 100-40!!!!! Go Patriots!

Sunday, we had lunch with Brant's parents, then relaxed during the Cowboy game. After the game, Jessica came over and we went to the park to take pictures for our Christmas cards...so check back to see my final design for that!

And today, well today is Brant's 28th birthday!!! So Happy Birthday, my love! I hope you have the best round of golf this morning, and have a fantastic day kicking off this new year of life!


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