Sunday, February 15, 2009

I love Digital Scrapping!

Now, I have always enjoyed scrapbooking and have paper scrapped for years, but I have officially fallen in love with digital scrapping! If you remember this post, I was very reluctant to "going" digital, but finally did so after Sister convinced me of how great it truly was.

We Sister recently took an advanced online class by Jessica Sprague (who, by the way, is AMAZING!) and taught me some of the great creative techniques she learned. I thought I would share a few of the weekly pages with you.

This was week one and focused largely on how to mirror your images by rotating them, and then changing colored photos to black and white then restoring one area or element back to its original color.

This was week 2 - concentrating on shortcuts on cutting without changing elements, and altering colors. These pictures are from when Brant and I went with our dear friends to Cancun, Mexico this past summer.
Week 3 was probably one of my favorite tasks. Notice how the bottom of the page has the original photo burned into the background of the paper - now you tell me how to do that paper scrapping! This page includes pictures from when Jessica and I took Riley and Kate to the Neiman Marcus Children's Parade in December.

This was the most recent thing that sister taught me. This week's lesson was focused on making a 2-page spread. Originally, this we done with a 2 12x12 page spread. However, I am in the middle of making a wedding album for my grandmother, and decided to take the same steps to make this 2 8x8 page spread (since my album is an 8x8). These photos were from mine and Brant's wedding back in July os 2007.

One Saturday while I was at Sister's learning about these techniques, she said that Jessica was doing a 30-minute challenge. This challenge isn't just the page, you had 30 minutes to take pictures, download, and do a full page spread. Well here is my 30-minute challenge page!!!

This is just another page for the wedding album.

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Amanda Rooney said...

That is the cutest flower girl I have EVER seen. The full picture of her in her dress makes me want to cry. She is beautiful. I am so thankful God is able to take some of me and some of Michael and create such stunning beauty. (so....maybe I'm just a little biased)

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