Monday, February 9, 2009

Kristi Walker update

From an email from John Durham this morning:

Good Monday to all,

Chuck and I talked for a while on Saturday...I would say it was the most emotional he has sounded since this medical journey with Kristi began. Kristi has been in the hospital every day since Christmas, except for 8 sporadic days. This past week and a half, she has only been conscious and awake about 4 hours a day and the rest of the time asleep. In Chuck’s words the past few weeks have been “a small step forward and huge leaps backwards.”

Some of the counts for her blood sugar and sodium levels are literally off the charts. Normal blood sugar counts are between 80-110, she was over 300 last week. She is almost constantly on an insulin drip, as well as all the other medications to keep all systemic problems under control. Chuck’s doctor said on Saturday that right now all balances are being maintained, but that there are so many things at this point which could send her into a coma or take her life quickly.

Chuck’s main prayer request at this point is for wisdom, as he has big decisions to make in regards to continued chemo for Kristi, life quality, finances, and medical options. He knows Kristi will experience healing – whether in this life or this next. But he misses his friend Kristi, and of course wants to comfort his three sons on their own levels during this time as well.

To end this email on a more positive note, the fund-raiser last week at McDonalds for the Walkers raised over $25,000 for them. Another fund-raiser is being planned in the coming weeks. This money will help with medical bills, the boy’s college funds, transportation bills, etc...the story was on an NBC affiliate in their area:

LORD, it is You who establishes peace for us; all that we have accomplished, You have actually done for us.
O LORD, our God, we have allowed other lords besides You to rule over us, but Your Name alone do we honor.
Isaiah 26:12-13

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