Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Robbers got Robbed

I saw this story on-line this morning and LOVED it! Take a moment to watch if you can.

Second, I read this story at, and it made me MAD! I, as mot human beings, know that smoking is bad. Regardless if you are a smoker or not - you KNOW it is bad for your. So can someone PLEASE tell me why a jury awarded this woman $8 million because her husband dies of lung cancer after being a 40-YEAR CHAIN SMOKER?????????

I understand that losing a loved one can be terribly heart-breaking, but I do not feel that blaming someone else for your mate's choices is the right answer. Granted, this woman's entire case was based on the fact that she claimed her husband "could not quite" and therefore, smoked for 40 years.

Sorry - this has just turned into a "ranting and raving" kind of post, and I did not mean for it to be, but it really makes me angry. Can we, as people, PLEASE take RESPONSIBILITY for our OWN for our actions????????

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