Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Craziness of Pregnancy

So I have definitely experienced things about pregnancy that are just plain CRAZY!

For instance, I can only eat things once. For example I was craving a corndog with mustard, but once I ate one corndog, I was done. Couldn't eat another and haven't craved it since. One day, a fajita salad sounded so good for lunch, but the next day, it sounded disgusting. So I can eat the tings I crave once, and then its gone.

Crazy #2) Fruit! I can only eat apples and bananas. All the fruit tastes good, but then it makes me sick. I first got sick off plums, which I found out are very acidic so I guess the baby just didn't like them. Today, I ate a delicious, sweet peach....30 minutes later - SICK! Pineapple - SICK! Literally, the only fruit I can keep down is apples and bananas...oh, and grapes.

Crazy #3) Sleep! Now, I have heard that you are just exhausted your first trimester, but I literally sleep around 10 to 11 hours EVERY night, and I still have to nap in the afternoon just to make it through the day. I mean when they say exhausted, they mean plum worn out exhausted!

Crazy #4) The smells! There are smells that have never bothered me, but now they make me sick. Example #1 - the smell of beef; Example #2 - vanilla lotion (the smell of vanilla I'm fine with, I just can't handle vanilla lotion); Example #3 - dog breath (Dax has pretty clean teeth and his breath has NEVER bothered me before, but now I cannot stand to smell it).

The things that pregnancy does to your body is just crazy, but I guess its all worth it in the end!!!


Everything Erwin said...

Haha..this cracks me up and I love it at the same time!! Can't wait to meet sweet baby Williams this spring! Loves

Kim Soto said...

what a fun post -- you will love to read this after the baby gets here! you do have some "crazy" things happening to you. I can really only relate to the exhaustion, and YES it is aweful. it will be better soon!

Grimes Life said...

Cracking up, love this post! Oh the things you do for your babies! Can't wait to find out what you are having!!! :)

mattandlinz said...

Isn't it amazing the crazy things your body goes through while you're pregnant!! Just wait... :) it gets more interesting in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters!! The first time you feel that sweet little baby move you'll forget about all the crazy things he/she is doing to your body!!

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