Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Only 2 More Months....

...Until we leave for Kauai!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited about going to Kauai for Christmas with Brant's family, but I also began to panic today! I HAVE NO MATERNITY BEACHWEAR! In 2 months, I will be 22 weeks when we go, and with the way my belly is already growing, I will HAVE to HAVE some maternity wear for this little outing!

So today, I might have done a little online shopping. Look at a few things I found....and even better, almost all of these are on clearance since its no longer summer!

I found some really cute maternity swimsuits.

Then I found this cover up - I love the smock look!

Then I found a few long dresses. I might need to wear a cardigan in the evenings, but I bet these would be great trip-wear!

Now I just need to find a really cute straw hat to keep the sun out of eyes as I sit on the beach, enjoy some lemonade and read a book!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Those are all really cute!

Grimes Life said...

SO fab Ash! You and baby W will look so great in it all! I am so happy that you are buying maternity clothes, it's such a FUN and EXCITING time! Ahh, I am just so happy for you and Brant! :)

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