Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Morning Update

Well we had an uneventful little trip to L&D triage last night. My blood pressure got up pretty high again and I was very nauseous, seeing blurry spots and having a sudden headache. After calling and talking with the on-call doctor for my practice, he said to go in into L&D so that they could alt least monitor the bp.

Thankfully, they were able to lower the bp w/ meds and gave me something for the nausea. After running some blood work and labs, and monitoring me and baby girl, they sent us home after about 2 hours. It was interesting to watch the monitors - I had several contractions while we were there, but nothing that constituted active labor...yet! Only bad thing about going to triage is that I am now officially on restricted bedrest...not fun!

The medicine that they gave me for the nausea makes you drowsy, so we came home around midnight and went straight to bed. I got a FANTASTIC 9 1/2 hours sleep! I feel like a new woman after getting great rest. Brant was supposed to work today because there is a baseball game at DBU, but he called in and said he wasn't coming. Unfortunately, he knows me a little too well because he said if he didn't stay home, he knew I would not take it easy like ordered! So, we just finished a light breakfast and are about to start a movie marathon.

So here's to a fun day of movie marathons, laying on the couch, and some possible digital scrapbooking!


Krista said...

praying for you, friend! I am glad that you have the opportunity (I know, you are probably laughing at me because you want to be up doing a gazillion things) to take it easy, but you will be SO thankful come labor time :-) Here's to that baby coming when she is good and ready and your peace of mind as you wait!

MBKimmy said...

How are you?! Are things okay?! Been praying!

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