Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birth Announcement

I realized the other day that I had never shown everyone what Emmalee Caroline's birth announcement looked like. I really loved the way they turned out with a light pink font on the black background.



When I was designing this, I had a list of verses for Brant and I to choose from. I was learning more toward 1 Samuel 1:27 (For this child I have prayed...), but then I saw this one. Its amazing how Brant and I both fell in love with this verse. The Lord didn't just bless us with a child, but He blessed us because He answered our prayers, He calmed our fears, He provided for us every step of the this journey to have Emmalee. His blessings have been immeasurable and He still blesses us everyday. Once we read this verse, it seems more than perfect to describe our feelings toward Him constant stream of blessings and mercy.

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Grimes Life said...

I LOVED it! :)She is one beauty that is for sure! :)

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