Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Father's Day

This past weekend was a big one for the Williams Family.

Thursday Brant called and said that his mother was going to be having exploratory surgery to determine the cause of some severe abdominal pain. So right after Emmalee's 2 month checkup, we headed off for Texarkana, AR. It was Emmalee's first roadtrip and she was a dream baby in the car...of course she had just had 2 shots and it made her a bit drowsy. She slept the whole way.

We spent the weekend in Texarkana splitting our time between Brant's parents' house and the hospital. The doctors have yet to determine the root cause of the pain, but Judy is at least feeling a bit better. She was discharged from the hospital Friday night. Kristie, Brant's sister, and Aeson, her son, went with us to Texarkana. Aeson loves Emmalee. All he wanted to do was hold her and give her a bottle. One night, he got to rock her to sleep.

We had our way back home Sunday, just in time to head over to Granda and Grandad's house for a Father's Day dinner with all of the family. In honor of Brant's first Father's Day, Emmalee wore her "Daddy's Little Girl" outfit because she definitely is his baby girl.

Brant has been such an amazing father and husband. Since I have gone back to work full-time, he picks Emmalee up from my sister's house as soon as he gets off. He usually have about an hour at home with her before I get home. Everyday I come home to find a happy baby just relaxing with her daddy. I love that he gets to have special time with her, and he loves it too. He loves playing on the floor with her and having tummy time. I love watching him with her. I can't wait to watch their relationship grow as Emmalee grows a bit older. I have a feeling this daddy is going to have a hard time saying "no" to this precious face!

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