Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to my favorite 7 year old - Kate Alexa!!!!

As with all of my sister's children, I remember the day Kate was born. She was so precious and beautiful. So many of my family and friends say that Emmalee reminds them so much of Kate and I hope, with all of my heart, that Kate and Emmalee are dear friends, not just cousins.

Although today is Kate's birthday, it was also her last day of school so I knew it might be a crazy day. So yesterday Emmalee and I took Kate some Chick-Fil-A during her lunch at school. It was so cute to see her "showing-off" Emmalee to all of her friends. Kate is so infatuated with Emmalee and I love it!

Of course we also saw Aunt Cookie and Connor while we were there!!!

Unfortunately I have to go back to work Monday. Before Emmalee was born, we had agreed that 8 weeks would be a good time for me to be home. However, I didn't exactly plan on being home for a full week on bedrest. So although Emmalee is only 7 weeks old, I'm heading back. Luckily for me, my first 2 weeks are only going to be part-time. I will only 9-1 and Aunt Cookie will be watching Emmalee while I'm working. I have no doubt that my sister will love and care for my daughter just as I would.

So, since today is my last full mommy-daughter day, Emmalee and I have just been spending some special time together. We have sung together, played together, napped together and just enjoyed each other. Here are a few snap-shots of my favorite 7 week old!


Mimi said...

I saw you were one of Ashley's Followers on her blog and have loved seeing pictures of Emmalee! She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and what a WONDERFUL MOM you are! Thank you for sharing your precious heart with so many about motherhood~her life has already been more blessed than you even realize!
Debbie Grimes

Tricia Nae said...

I can't believe she is 8 weeks old! It doesn't seem that long all!! She is just too cute!! the last picture, she looks just like you!! I still owe you an email. If I don't get a chance before Monday...know that I'll be thinking about ya...I pray it's an easy transition back to work.

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