Thursday, October 13, 2011


So some may say I'm a "crappy" mom but I didn't get Emmalee a Halloween costume this year, even though it is her 1st Halloween.  I mean our plans for the day consist of her going to Ms. Donna's, going to see Mason (my nephew, her cousin) in his football game, then home to pass out candy to all the childern in our neighborhood.  So instead of getting her a costume to wear solely for the sake of "1st Halloween" pictures, I had something made for her!

One of the best things EVER is having a dear friend, Kristen, who is an amazing seamstress.  Kristen is the one who made all of Emmalee's decorative pillows for her nursery - she is just amazing.  So I went and picked out some fabric and ribbon, took it to her, and she made this darling little number for my darling! 

And what kind of mother would I be if I didn't have a matching bow?  So I made this last night with some left over ribbon - and a big orange button.  I just made the small bow and used it as a "stackable" bow on to of the black one she already had!

So wouldn't you agree that my sweet lil' pumpkin is going to be precious on her 1st Halloween, even without a "costume?"  I think so!  Her full ensemble will surely be a hit! 

I just LOVE it!!!!

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Jennifer said...

I agree, she will be precious in it. I did not do a costume for Easton on his first Halloween either because here in Texas you can't put babies in those huge, hot costumes anyways.

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