Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sally the Seamstress

Ok, so my name isn't Sally and I'm no seamstress, but I want to be!  Several months ago, actualy it was before Emmalee was even born, I saw this fabric remnant at WalMart for only $2 - seriously, how could I not buy it?  I had inteneded to give it to my friend Kristen (who make the Em's Halloween dress) for her to make something cute out of it but I never got around to giving it to her.  So last night, I decided that I would make something out of it! 

So Em and I ran to Hobby Lobby so I could pick up a few sewing thread!  We came home, Daddy gave Em her bottle, I rocked her for a few mintues, then she went to her bed.  As soon as she was in bed I started my master plan!  Within an hour and a half, this was the result! 

I'm not going to lie - I was totally proud of myself!!!!!!  Of course, I did take a bit of a shortcut because I just used Stitch Witchery to attach the ribbon and then just sewed the ribbon where it met the seams.  I'm not a perfect straight-line seamstress yet, so I figured this would work! 

And this morning, here is my darling girl! 
Just love, love, love this sweet face!

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Everything Erwin said...

You go Sally!!! I am impressed!!!! That Em is just the cutest thing! Love you both!

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