Monday, October 24, 2011

A Sew-Sew Saturday

Well, It's more like a sewing weekend, not just Saturday!  

Saturday morning we got up and went to the JDRF walk in Trinity Park - it was fabulous!  I've got a whole different post for that one.  We got home around noon, had some lunch, then Emmalee went down for a nap.  Having some "free" time on my hands, I sat down at my sewing machine.
And this is my sewing maching - yes, it is over 35 years old, but it still runs like a gem and gets the job done!
First thing is first - ORGANIZE!  I really had no organization in my sewing space and it was making me a little crazy.  So, I organized! 
All of my "Stuff"!
Threads and bobbins

Ribbons, Scissors, Measuring tape, scrap fabrics and other "stuff".
All of the current fabrics I'm working with. 
Once that was finished, I got to work sewing!
This dress is actually for a friend but I still have plenty of fabric left over, so I'm sure Emmalee might have something made out of it as well!  

Dress#2!  When I saw this fabric the other day, I just fell in love!  I love all the colors in it - so perfect for fall. 

Now sometime between starting dress #2 snd beginning my new project, lil' bit woke up, so I just plopped her down in her excersaucer in the sewin room and just played.  We had fun together! 

So after getting the dresses down and feeling more comfortable with what I'm doing, I decided to tackle something other than a dress...a cute little top!  I loved this fabric and I got a great pattern here at Prucdent Baby...which has become an awesome source of information on sewing and making infant clothes! 

It definitely took me much longer than I ancitpated (as in it wasn't finished until Saturday night - like 10:30 at night - but I still got it done!)  But now that I've done it once, I'm certain I can do it again... and much faster next time! 

Sunday, we went to church and I let Emmalee wear hew new dress.  How precious is she? 
Love this toothless grin!

My perfect little model! 

And here is a sneak peek of Emmalee's Christmas outfit!  I found these fabrics and knew instantly that I had to have them! 

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