Friday, July 6, 2012

Lil' Firecracker

Well I was debating on even writing about our Fourth because it was completely uneventful..WE STAYED HOME!  But we did have a patriotic service Sunday morning, so Em was our Lil' Firecracker!

If there is one thing this child loves about going to church on Sunday morning, its the donuts!!

Anyways, our sitter, Ms. Donna was off for the first few days this week, so Em's Nana & GrandBob came to town just to play. Someone got spoiled rotten!  

On Tuesday, Brant's sister, Kristie, came down with our nephew, Aeson.  The two kiddos played and played.  Then as soon as I got home from work we went to Aunt Cookie's house and went swimming with all the other cousins.  We wore these kiddos out!  After swimming, we headed to dinner, then got some yogurt for dessert on our way to see the fireworks.  It was really great.  

Since we got home so late, Emmalee didn't go to bed until almost 11, so we slept in on Wednesday. Nan & GrandBob left in the early afternoon, so we just stayed home.  Em never got a good nap so she wasn't in the "best of moods".  So we played at home and just enjoyed some time together as a family - how more American can you get?  

So I hope you all had a great Fourth, because we certainly did.  .

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