Friday, February 8, 2013

A Growing Girl

I still can't believe my sweet little girl is getting so.  I feel like she's getting a little more independent every day.  I feel like time is flashing before my eyes, and I don't like it.

I want to freeze her.  To bottle her up so I can remember each and every moment of her childhood.  I want her to stay this way forever.

She loves being outside.  Wagon rides is probably one of her most favorite things - ever!  A baby doll or two usually makes the trip with us, and of course she loves to bring Dax along.  

Girl can eat!  I don't think there is anything the child won't eat....notice the plate: sausage, macaroni, green beans, a roll, and she devoured the entire piece of corn on the cob.   And to be honest, I love it!  But her favorite food - ice cream!  The child would eat an entire carton if I let her!

Books, books and more book!  She adores reading.  One of her favorite things is sitting in the rocking chair with a pile of books.  She will read every single one of them.  

I adore this picture.  This puppy has no idea how much she loved him, or maybe he does.  Her first words in the morning are usually for Dax.  If she is laying in our bed, she wants Dax.  When I pick her up everyday from Ms. Donna's, she asks to go home and see Dax.  Oh how she loves him, but I promise you that he loves her just as much.

Em is definitely a little homemaker!  She loves her kitchen and dishes, and playing "momma" to her babies.   I am amazed at the "little stuff" she picks up.  She loves to "tasty" her food (aka season) her food.  She sprinkles all sorts of stuff on it to make it just right.  Wonder where she saw that?  When I walk by her play stove she'll tell me "watch out, it's hot."  I love it - I love that she hears me and understands.  I love that she wants to cook like momma, that she wants to "protect" like momma, that she wants to take care of her babies like momma. 

And here is the attitude - sassy is the word that comes to mind.  As sweet as this angelic face is, it is equally as sassy and ornery...I guess that's my way of knowing she's mine. 

She is my Emmalee Caroline: a momma's girl, but she begs for her Daddy every minute he isn't home; she loves her dolls, her pets, and her food; she has a heart the size of Texas and attitude to match; and she keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Can someone please explain to my why they grow up so fast?  There is no way she will be 2 in a few short months...I just brought her home from the hospital yesterday.

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