Monday, February 18, 2013

Scrap-Happy Weekend

We had a really great weekend, did you?  Friday night was the start of college baseball alt DBU.  It was the inaugural game to open the new Horner Ballpark.  It is really beautiful.  I'll try post pictures soon.  With the start of baseball season of course, come the start of my widown-ness!  HA!  I joke, but sometimes that is what it feels like. 

Brant's position at DBU requires that he is at all of the baseball games.  Since the majority of games are weekend, I definitely feel that I am often a single mom during baseball season.  But my husband loves his job, and that it what matters to me! 

With the two of us girls left at home on Saturday, we invited Aunt Cookie and Kate over to play.  It was so great having Kate around because Emmalee adores her.  The two of them played, and played, so Aunt Cookie had a chance to work on some new marketing tools, and I got to scrapbook!!!! I feel like I haven't scrapbooked in ages, but I have got to get caught up on Emmalee's book. 

Here's a few of the pages I got done this weekend.

You might recognize some of these pictures from my post the other day about our day at the park.  I LOVE the way this page turned out!

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Tricia Nae said...

Girl...look at you scrappin'...I haven't done that in FOREVER! They are all adorable. I can't believe her hair was so dark when she was itty!! Sorry I miss ya Friday night. We will have to meet up soon!

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