Monday, January 21, 2008

6 Glorious Months!

As of yesterday, my sweet husband and I have officially been married for 6 months! Yes - we've made it half a year!!!!! So, of course, the intrigued woman that I am played 20 questions with Brant yesterday to find out his perspective on our marriage. These are some things I found out...

1) My husband loves being married - he said this himself and it made me giggle! I'm not sure why exactly it made me giggle, but I've always had the perception that women place a higher value on being married than men, and in some instances this may actually be the case, but my dear husband actually loves being married!!!!

2) Brant's favorite part of being married (which actually surprised me a bit) is just knowing I'm there. No matter what, I, his wife, am always on his side and I'm always going to be there. This made me smile.

3) He has never doubted that he married the right person. This question came up because we were reading this book and one of the questions was "Have your ever wondered if you married the right person?" So, I asked him this questions, and he quickly said "No, beyond a shadow of a doubt I know I married exactly who the Lord made for me."

4) The one thing Brant would change is...being more of a spiritual leader. This is a big one and I need to elaborate for you a bit. We live in Mansfield (and for those of you know don't know Texas well, this is right in between Dallas and Fort Worth...about 30 miles from each). I work in
Las Colinas (North Irving) which takes me every bit of an hour to go to work every day, not to mention an hour to get home. Our church family has been in Irving for several years now and we both have a special love for First Irving, but we know that we've been called somewhere else. We've been called closer to home, around our peers that we can fellowship with in our own community. However, we are still unsure of exactly where that calling is. We have visited several churches, but we don't feel led to join any of them, so we have honestly been starving spiritually. So to hear my husband say that he longs to be the spiritual leader of our family and household meant the world to me because he realizes that is his call. So pray for us friends as we try to find exactly where the Lord is leading us. "Church hunting" is not easy, in fact, it is very difficult. We long so badly for a place to call home; a place to meet people just like us; a place to fellowship with fellow believers and help our community grow.

Now, you might be asking what my answers were to these questions...well here they are.
1) Yes, I love being married. Brant bring such joy to my life and I can honestly say that I love spending every day with him.

2) My favorite thing about being married is knowing that every night I come home, he is there and I don't have to leave. Some of you may know that we bought our house shortly after we got engaged and Brant was the first to move in. I lived with my parents and Brant lived in the house. I would of course go over there everyday because it was my house too, I just didn't live there yet. So, every night I would go there first on my way home, then leave around 9:30 or 10 to go home. So, my favorite thing about marriage is that I get to go home and I don't ever have to leave!

3) Have I ever questioned whether or not I married the right person? "No, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know I married the man God made for me."

4) The one thing I would change is the amount of work I have to do on my own. Several of you have heard me "gripe" about this before but I sometimes feel like I am more of my husband maid than his wife. I love to cook, but growing up in Wages house the cook never had to clean (at least not by themselves). Usually, the entire family helped clean the kitchen after dinner. It's not always that way in the Williams house. I often cook, and clean, and do the laundry, and pick up after Brant, and take care of Dax, and then try to spend some time watching TV with my husband (because he is always in front of the TV). There are some nights where I will actually tell him that if he wants to spend time with me, then he has to help me. So, the only thing I would change is his initiative. I wish he took more of an interest in helping me keep our house in order.

So, after these six months, I can tell you that we have learned a lot. We have learned about each other, and we have savored every moment of it. Yes, there have been a few "tiffs" every now and then, but no huge blow-out fights (we're both lovers not fighters). I can lay my heart on the line and tell you that marry Brant has been one of the biggest blessings and I cannot describe the joy that has been brought into my soul through him.

So raise your glasses folks - Here's to the next 6 months, 6 year and forever!!!

Much love,

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Ginger said...

That is wonderful that you guys can share so openly! Keep that up...something we (hubs and I) had to learn the hard way!

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