Monday, January 28, 2008

Birth Control - Which Method works Best???

Ok ladies, let's get personal! I can honestly say that i have tried two methods of birth control. I recently found myself asking: which of these works best? And over the weekend, I GOT MY ANSWER!!!!! Allow me to elaborate!

I have been on the birth control pill since before I got married to prevent Brant and I from having children before we were ready. Thus far, it has worked. However, anyone who knows me knows my LOVE for BABIES!!! I adore them!!! So, it has been hard for me to not want to get pregnant. To make matters worse, two weekends ago, a dear friend's dad had quadruple bypass surgery. Her husband was on an active military training weekend, her family was all at the hospital, and she had no desire to subject her darling 5-month old Colton to the floating germs and silence of a hospital ICU waiting room. So, I happily offered for Brant and I to play "Mom and Dad" so Audrey could be with her family. She so graciously accepted. So Colton came over to "play" for the entire weekend. I can truthfully say it was a fun weekend. Colton is an amazing happy baby who loves to play and laugh, and sleeps THROUGH THE NIGHT! So after this weekend, I really wanted a baby of my own. Of course I never told Brant about my desire because I knew he would think I was off my rocker! So, I kept it to myself and just daydreamed about it every-so-often. Until this weekend!

Most of you know about my dearest sister: Amanda. Amanda has four children, Mason - 9 in two weeks, Connor - 6, Kate - 3 and Baby Ethan is 3 1/2 months old. Well, unfortunately for Amanda, her husband is sometimes required to travel for his job - such as ALL of last week. Well, as soon as Michael got home on Thursday night, he was incredibly sick...high fever, chills, cold sweats, aching, name it, he had it. So they took Michael to the dr. thinking he might have the flu, but the flu test came out negative. The dr. just gave him an antibiotic and told him to stay in bed. So my sister was in a pickle trying to care for five kids: 3 kids, a baby and a husband. She felt bad for telling the older three that they had to be quiet because Dad was sick, and that they HAD to stay upstairs - they couldn't really have any fun during their weekend. So, Uncle B and Aunt Grabbie came to the rescue. I called my sister, and in my most stern voice said..."Sis, pack the kids a bag, they're staying with me!!!"

So, began a fun-filled weekend of Chucky Cheese, crazy bath-time, Cars movie blaring from the TV, chocolate donuts, and chasing Dax in the backyard...not to mention trying to get 3 kids ready for church plus myself (maybe this explains why we were 10 minutes late). It was the CRAZIEST weekend, fun but crazy! If you were a fly on the wall, you might have heard a little something like this around bathtime...

Ashley: Ok, Kate let's get ready for your bath...Kate??? Kate??? KATE????? Get in here and stop putting on my makeup! Kate, what is in your hair? Gum? Where did you get gum???
(2 minutes quite)
Connor, get in here and take a bath with Kate. Connor, do you hear me? Connor???? CONNOR???? Get in here!!! Mason, you go take a shower in my bathroom, and make sure you wash your hair.
(5 minutes of playing in tub)
Ok, now let's dry off. Here are your PJ's, so put them on, then we'll get ready for bed. Wait Connor, stop running around naked. Connor?? Connor?? Kate, don't chase your brother naked!!! KATE, CONNOR - GET IN HERE AND PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!! Brant, stop them. No Brant, don't chase them around the living room naked!!! BRANT!!!!

So, the moral of the story is that if you have baby-fever, and it's just a fever, taking care of your sister's 3 kids for the weekend is GREAT birth control and helps your fever "break" quickly!!!

Much Love from the EXHAUSTED Aunt Grabbie,

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MamaCass said...

That's funny! I understand how you feel Ashley. I had baby fever really bad our first year of marriage. I dreamed about little blonde haired blue eyed babies and totally freaked Rodney out. But looking back I am glad we were married for so long before we had Tobey. Those were PRECIOUS days!

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