Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh, how I hate New Years Resolutions

So, it's that famous time of year again when everyone begins to decide "What will I do differently this year, than I last year?" Well, I have also been plagued by this difficult questions, and hence, my New Year's resolutions have made their way to the top of my brain.

1) Lost Weight! Right before the wedding, I had done great and lost 10 lbs. in order to fit into my wedding dress. Now, after being married for 6 months, I put every bit of it (plus about 10 lbs more) back on. Not to mention, Brant has done the same. So we both agreed it's time to kick our rear ends back into shape! So I had a massive "kitchen clean-out" and threw out so much "junk" that I filled the trashcan and then re-filled the kitchen with healthy snacks and "good-for-you" food.
Then, Brant decided that he really wanted a treadmill - so he could work out and watch TV at the same time. I, however, prefer the elliptical because it works our more than just my legs and burns more calories. So how did we fix our problem, we bought a treadmill with walking sticks that I can walk/run, exercise my upper body, and burn a few extra calories! It was a great investment!

2) We are getting out of debt! Well, Brant says "out of debt", I say paying off all credit cards and having a master budget. For two mid-20 year olds, we are actually in a very good financial position, but Brant HATES debt and credit cards,...not that I enjoy them, I just have the mind set that almost every American has debt, and we are just typical Americans! But this isn't good enough for my husband. So, my entire family goes to Crossroad Christian Church and the pastor, Barry Cameron, had written a fantastic book on the Godly principles of financial freedom called "The ABC"s of Financial Success". Starting yesterday, Pastor Cameron began a series about the Road to Freedom and they are also offering special LifeGroup classes working through the workbooks. So, we went to Crossroad for this special series and also began going to a LifeGroup class to work through the workbook.
So now, we are planning a budget and watching our spending to get us on the way to Financial Freedom!!!

3) Spend more time with the Lord. One thing that no one ever told me about getting married is that is can be so difficult to maintain and grow in your relationship with the Lord. Since I got married, it seems like my quiet times have just flown out the window...why? Because I LOVE those 15 or 20 extra minutes snuggled in my bed next to my giant teddy bear - it's my safe place. So to get up and leave my warm special place is horrible, and I don't want to do it. So what has happened, my relationship with my 1st Priority has suffered, terribly. And don't think that I like it, I HATE it, but I love being married.
So, my biggest prayer this new year is for the Lord to deal with me, and let me back into His wide, open arms. I pray that He forgives me for pushing Him to the back burner, and restores the gladness in my soul. I have missed Him so much, and long to be back in His embrace.

Much Love,


Amanda said...

Amen, amen, amen to all of those!

Janelle & Ella said...

Can I adopt all three of your resolutions in my life this year? Sounds like you guys have some great goals for the new year.

Ginger said...

These are great resolutions! On the last one, it is work to maintain your relationship with your "One and Only" while being married to "Prince Charming," but you can do it! I'll be praying for you!

mindi said...

I'm echoing Ginger - great resolutions!
I need to do all those and then some.
Thanks for stopping by my blog - every bit of prayer helps. We have a long road ahead of us.
Oh, and I LOVE your wedding picture at the top of your blog! Gorgeous!!

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