Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Makeover!

We had a originally planned for a somewhat normal weekend, but it soon became anything but. As any Texan knows, we were preparing for Hurricane Ike, although not in the direct path, we knew that North Texas would have a large amount of rain and high winds. Well Kristie (Brant's sister) was having an open house on Sunday, she she called early Saturday and asked if she and Aeson could come for a slumber party. She knew that Aeson was sure to wreck her clean they came over Saturday afternoon. Here are a few pictures of Aeson playing.
Please notice his feet...yes, he found a pair of my Brighton heels and thought they sounded funny on the hardwood floor!

The major event of the weekend was thatI finally gave our guest bathroom makeover! Our guest bathroom is the one room we haven't done anything to since we moved in over a year ago. We had tried to take off the wallpaper, but it never came off easily without pulling off the drywall, so we just left it...we actually tried to see what a textured paint would do to it, but that didn't work so well.

The original wallpaper was cream with orange and blue stripes...I felt like I was a Florida Gators offense Patrick Family!

This is the random paint splotch we did when we originally bought the house and it has stayed the very center of the bathroom wall...ever since.

After a lot of thought, I decided to use a wallpaper called Paper Illusions. The paper itself has a textured-paint feel, but you tear it into pieces before pasting it on the wall. The final thing looks great!


This was my favorite find of the weekend. This was a crystal candle holder with crystal beads for decoration. I found this piece for only $12.99 at Home Goods! Add a little popurie and voila!



Melissa said...

love the new bathroom!

ocean mommy said...

GIRL! I LOVE that wallpaper! (And I am anti-wallpaper big time!)

You did a great job!


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