Friday, September 26, 2008

So Grey's Anatomy was finally back last night!!! WhooHoo!!! I was so excited that Grey's was coming back on because it is truly on of my favorites! But in all honesty - it was an "ok" season opener - not the GREAT one I was anticipating. The story line was definitely interesting, but the whole icicle falling on Christina was almost ridiculous (in my opinion). My biggest issue is "Callica" - this is that the Grey's Anatomy website is calling the relationship between Callie and Erica. As a Christian, I firmly believe the Word of God when it says that homosexuality is a sin, and therefore, I do not to see this lifestyle. I think that by adding this matter to the show, the writer's made a big mistake and could in turn lose several viewers - possibly me. But tell me what you thought of this episode...did you like it, or did is disappoint you as well?


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Melissa said...

I agree! I had to quit watching after the bet in the elevator about who could get more women.

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