Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy Life...Busy Week

Yes - Life is still busy, busy, busy! The Memory Walk this past weekend was Great - Sister has some pictures up if you want to take a look at the Green Team! On Sunday, we all went to Canton and had a blast - as always! I mean seriously, when is going to Canton not a ton of fun!!!

This week has been good, but of course busy! Work is busy, but I still love it - its definitely a challenge and of course can be stressful...but I LOVE it! however, me evenings have been taken up with research - Brant and I have decided that its finally time to get an me a new car - an SUV to be exact. This will be our "family" car (once we actually start a family) and will remain so until its dying days. Brant was raised that you buy a car and drive it until it dies...I was raised that you buy a car and get a new one every 2-3 years! So Brant and I compromised...he is going to buy me whatever SUV I choose (within reason), but I have to drive it until it dies. So, we are looking at three main options: Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Sequoia (the gas mileage is the only issue here), and then possibly a Nissan Pathfinder. We were looking at a Tahoe, but the gas mileage just isn't great and when you drive 35 miles to and from work everyday the gas mileage counts! So if you drive, or have driven any of theses - please feel free to add your input! We are going to test drive all of them this weekend and look at room in each - then we'll make a decision. Who knows, maybe I'll have a new car this weekend!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

And Grey's Anatomy was back on last night. And again - its was just ok. I mean the story lines in these past episodes are pointless. And as far as the "Callica" thing goes - I was content with the show until Haan says the words "maybe I'm just jealous because he has seen you naked." I almost vomited! Was that line seriously needed?!?!?!?!?!?! If Grey's writers keep this up, I'm finished with the show. It used to be one of my favorites, but things have just taken a huge turn - and for the worst! What were your thoughts?

So on to a more somber subject...Bit E (Ethan Parker Rooney, that is) turns one on Sunday - a year old already. God has definitely had a hand over this precious baby boy. He came out so tiny and sick and is a perfectly healthy baby boy now.
From tiny and small...

to this smiling healthy boy!
(picture courtesy of sister's blog)

So Happy Birthday Ethan Parker! Your Grabbie loves you so much!!!


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Laura said...

Hi, Ashley! I noticed today that I got a hit off your sister site (the design one) and so I thought I would stop by and say, "Hi!"

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