Friday, October 31, 2008

Great new site...

In this economy, i am trying to learn more ways of being frugal (but please don't tell me I have to get rid of my new car :) ). But anyways, I found this new site called SuperCook. This is a website that helps you throw together a recipe with the food you have on hand.

I entered that I had chicken breasts, stewed tomatoes, onion and bell pepper. It then asked me if I had Italian Seasoning, and I do. It came back with a simple recipe for "Easy Chicken Cacciatore. After I entered my ingredients, it listed many recipes that may only need an extra items that I have not listed (i.e. paprika, vegetables oil, flour, cheese, butter, etc.) What a great way to use some of those un-used canned goods or other items in your pantry. I can't wait to use this site on a regular basis.

I also read an article today about how to save money this holiday here. I think one of the greatest ideas that I try to do every year is to buy a little at a time...spread out the buying. There is nothing more stressful than spending half of your paycheck on gifts, then living off the rest. But if you spend $50 one paycheck and $50 the next for several pay periods, the spending doesn't hurt as bad. For more money saving tips this season, check out the article.

If you have some great tips for being frugal in a questionable economy, let me know! I love saving money!!!

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Have I missed a blog about your new car????

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