Sunday, March 29, 2009

Extreme Hair Makeover

I know - I told you several weeks ago that I had pictures to show you of my new hair cut...but I keep failing to post them....But I have finally remembered!

So here is the picture from about 3 weeks ago the night that Sherry was cutting my hair. Sherry is Jessica's mom, so this is me and Jess!

Then here are the pictures of my new hair!!! I LOVE my short hair!!! What do you think?


laurie said...

I love the new do. very cute and easy i;m sure. oh and don't worry about your bmi mine would be off the charts,

aunt laurie

TriciaNae said...

adorable!! i chopped a bunch off in january and never took pictures. i like yours though...might get brave and do that if i lose some more lbs.

Nicole M Wood said...

Your hair looks great!! I love it short!

wetherell said...

so so cute!!!!!

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