Monday, April 19, 2010


So did you watch the American Country Music Awards last night? Well I didn't but I do love me some good ole' country music...and one of my favorite parts of award shows are the outfits. These thumbnail pics aren't the best, so click on the picture for a better view.

I must say that I love that fact that Carrie Underwood is 1) an amazing and talented artist, but 2) is a great dresser! I thought she looked gorgeous in this dress!!!

Then these guys - well they're just one of my favorite groups and I love the fact that they rock the red carpet!

And what did you think about Taylor's dress???

I love me some Sugarland, but I wasn't loving the HUGE pendant around Jennifer Nettles neck. What did you think?

And Faith, you have such a great figure...I think you could have done much better on the dress pick. This just seemed a bit...sloppy.

And what in the world was Gretchen Wilson wearing?
Who was your favorite artist of the night?????

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Amanda Rooney said...

Didn't watch the know me...not exactly the ole' country music fan. Unless it's Faith. However I agree - her dress wasn't flattering. She could have done sooo much better - especially with that cute figure!!

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