Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Blog Designs

I know - I have been a really bad blogger and I never uploaded new recipes when I promised I would. But I have been busy!!!!!!

On March 21st, I hosted (yes I - no one else) a bridal shower for my dear friend Melissa. But since all the guests live almost an hour north of me, my SIL was generous enough to allow me to host it at her home in Plano. Although it was fabulous to have it there, it was a pain getting everything packed up! I had to get the food, the flowers, the drinks, the serving pieces, the plates, napkins, the name it - I had to pack it!

Then last weekend we had a Sunday School garage sale to benefit the Mansfield Young Life summer camp! Praise the Lord we made our goal of $2000 to help send kids to camp. After the garage sale, Ethan came to play at Grabbie's house while everyone else was at the school for Spring Fling.

Life is just simply crazy right now with baseball, but there is an end in sight...and Monday is opening day of the Texas Rangers and it is tradition that we go....all 100 or so of us!!!! Literally, tickets were bought in September for this day - it is one of those events that people plan their schedules around. We will literally start tailgating by 10 am! This is a great day filled with friends and fellowship! Last year was the first year that I had not been since Brant and I started dating (its his tradition) because I had to work...but this year I made SURE I had the day off! I am really looking forward to it!

But, I leave you with a few new designs I have completed recently! Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the Spring Break Special! I had a great time designing for you!!!!


Tricia Nae said...

cute stuff girl!! have fun at opening day...i've been a couple of times..and it is always a blast!

Tricia Nae said...

oh..and we might be going to wrbc this Sunday. I've been praying about it. If so...maybe I will see you!

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