Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have you ever gotten lost.....on your way to work

Yes - heard read that right....because today, I got lost on my way to work!

This is downtown Dallas....and this is where I work! See the tall building right in the middle of the second picture....the one with the rounded domes at the top....that's my building.

Literally, the only time I drive in downtown is to get in and out of my parking garage...its only 2 streets over from my exit on the highway.

Well today there are a ton of traffic on the highway, so I decided I would get off, and just navigate my way to downtown via the side streets! Great plan! Well I navigated my way into downtown just fine thank you - I even had my building in sight. But somehow, I got into downtown on the southwest side, and I needed to be on the northeast I just decided to turn on a few streets that I thought would lead me that way...I WAS WRONG! I quickly learned that there are too many streets in downtown Dallas...and they all are either one-way, or they veer off in the opposite direction of where I want to go. I almost even went the wrong way on a one-way was terrible...all the while having my building in sight! So yes, I was LATE to work this morning all because I got lost on my way to work!

Moral of the story...just stay on the highway...unless you know where you're going!

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Melissa said...

one reason i love having an iphone!! It's very easy to get lost in downtown.

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