Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MILA Quote of the Day

Today's MILA (My Life is Average) great quote(s) of the day:

"I work at a laser tag center. Today I saw a girl shoot herself in the mirror. MLIA "

"Today at school, I was asked if I was asian. Being Japanese, naturally I said 'yes.' Immediately, someone behind me called out "Liar! You told me that you were Japanese! You can't be both!" It took me, and 2 other students and a teacher to convince her that Japan was a part of Asia. I go to a public school... MLIA "

"Today, I asked my 4 year old cousin what he wanted to be when he grew up. A fireman? A doctor? A police man? Nope. "Sexy". MLIA "

"My friend told me a story about her cousin who worked in an ER. She saw a name on the list spelled La-a. Confused by this she tryed sayind "Laa aa" or "Laya" but no one answered. Finally a woman exclaimed "Oh you mean me!" turns out the dash isnt silent. Her name is pronounced Ladasha. MLIA. "

These crack me up!!!!!

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