Friday, June 4, 2010

An Evening with the Williams

Well if you've ever wanted to know what goes on at the Williams house any given weekday evening, then this is the post for you! FYI - we're pretty boring!!!!!!!

I typically leave my office around 6:10 or 6:15 - that way most of the traffic is off the roads and I'll be home in 40 minutes. I usually start dinner as soon as I get home...usually something from one of these magazines.

Last night, we had grilled chicken with this bacon macaroni and cheese (click the link for the recipe)! It was delicious. Brant hates boxed mac'n'cheese because his mom always made it from scratch...well mine didn't! (but I still love you mom!). So, I recently promised Brant and I would find a good recipe for mac'n'cheese, and I think I found it last night! Now, the actual recipe called for chicken in it, but since I was grilling some chicken breasts, I just left the chicken out. It was really, really good!

As soon as we finish dinner, there is usually a baseball game on, and at the Williams house, if the Texas Rangers are playing, then we are watching!

However, sometimes I will sneak outside to do this while Brant is watching the game. East of Eden is GREAT so far. I love having our little patio set.

And that's pretty much at night at the Williams. I warned you - we're pretty boring, but we like it that way!

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Krista said...

You are reading my ALL TIME favorite book. I used to read it every summer!!

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