Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Life is Twilight

So ya'll know I love Twilight - the movies, the books - everything! Now no - I don't consider myself a Twi-hard because I'm not that fanatical...but I still do love Twilight.

However, anticipating the release of Eclipse, I am doing the chapter countdown with Twilight Series Theories. (If you have never been to this website - it is awesome. I actually went to DBU with one of the sisters that helped create it!) Since Eclipse has 27 chapters, they started at the beginning of the month and are reading a chapter a day.

Well today in my morning read of MLIA (see my post about it here), I saw that there is actually a site called MLIT - My Life is Twilight. So of course I sauntered over to read through a few. Some of them are just stupid, in my ever so twilighted-opinion, but some are HYSTERICAL!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Today my boyfriend touched my face, and for the fisrt time i didn't flinch at how cold his hands were. He looked at me and said............"your pretending i'm Edward aren't you?" I blushed as we both knew it was true. I can officially say MLIT!!!!

Today, I was half naked and getting dressed when my Edward cutout (which I bought on one of my frequent trips to Forks) fell on top of me. Instead of pushing it off, I exclaimed, "Oh Edward! Not this early!" Then my mother walked in and took him out of my room saying, "its for my own good." MLIT

Today I overheard two guys talking in Science, one of them asked, "How old are you?", the guy then responded, "Seventeen." I quickly turned around and asked, "How long have you been seventeen?" The two guys stared at me in utter confusion. My best friend backed me up by responding, "A while." MLIT.

Today, my mom and I were driving home when we passed a doctors office. The sign said "Dr. Cullen MD. But Dont Worry, I Don't Bite." LMAO. MLIT. :)

Today, this guy was asking me for relationship advice. Friends and I were telling him what to do, and he just couldn't understand. Finally I said, "YOU ARE HER JACOB" and he gave me this horrified look and I knew he understood, Twilight is now my inspiration for relationship advice. MLIT

Today, my boyfriend told me he loved me and I smiled but didn't reply. He waited a few seconds before saying "Say it." I just smiled. Then he said "Outloud." I smiled a bit more and whispered "Vampire.". I'm not going to lie, it caused an argument. MLIT.

And just to, I have not called my husband Edward and I have not asked him to bit; whether or not I have dreamed of it is another story!!! HAHAHA

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