Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Bargains

Monday night Brant and I went to dinner at one of our favorite sushi spots in town. It happens to be right beside a Kirklands. When we were walking into the restaurant, I glanced in the Kirlkand's window and saw this great white mirror. All though dinner I kept thinking about how cute it would be in EmC's room. Her room is a shabby chic decor - nothing really "matches". She has a color scheme - but not really a room theme.

So after dinner, I asked Brant if I could run into Kirklands and take a look. I fell in love - and it was on sale for $59.99! But I didn't get it - remember, I just asked Brant if I could LOOK at it!

Well yesterday in my email, I received a Kirkland's $10 off coupon! So I just called the store to see if they had any left and they had the display, and one in a box! So last night after dinner, I begged Brant to go back to Kirklands, and of course he said "yes". He can't deny his daughter anything already! Look what is in baby girl's new room!

Well why we were there, I saw this precious little lamp. It was on clearance for $9.97, then 25% off it was only $7.50! It was just perfect for her room!!!! I loved how the color is worn around the edges - very shabby chic - don't you think???

Well as soon as her room is closer to being finished I promise to have pictures for you! I really think it is going to be precious!!!!!


Annie said...

i LOVE the mirror and the lamp!! and the prices are perfect! :)

Jennifer said...

That lamp is precious! And it is something that as she gets older you could change the color of the shade and it could work in her room or another room.

Paige said...

I absolutely love both of these! Very classy & chic!

Grimes Life said...

Way to go with the bargains! I need that mirror fo rmy tay's room too! :) So fun seeing you last night, hope you feel much better today! :)

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