Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 24 Weeks

WOW - 24 Weeks. If you do the division, then I'm already 6 months pregnant! Its still so surreal! She is growing so much and I am beginning to learn her schedule...and some tricks. For example - I've learned how to rock her to sleep when she thinks that it would be fun to start kicking around and doing somersaults right after mama eats lunch! It may be fun for her, but not for mom!

Mornings are her sleepy time, but she is pretty crazy in the afternoons. Evenings she begins to relax, and starts to wind down right about the time I got to bed. I'd certainly be one happy mama if this schedule continues after she is born!

Here are the 24 week facts about Lil' Miss!

Size of the baby: She is a foot in length (about the length of an ear of corn) and weights about 1 1/4 lbs
Total weight loss/gain: 11 lbs
Maternity clothes: Just tops. Most of my pants still fit with the help of the belly band.
Gender: It's a Girl! Emmalee Caroline Williams
Movement: Feeling it all the time and loving it..unless I've just had something to eat!
Sleep: I'm sleeping well, but I'm waking up with some leg and arm numbness that isn't very fun.
What I miss: Not much yet!
Cravings: Not really craving anything in particular these days, but I detest bbq right now...which is sad for a Texas girl!
Symptoms: a big belly
Fun Facts: Emmalee can feel my movements - which is why I can now rock her to sleep; she is getting taste buds, and she can get the hickups!

I feel like I haven't really posted much lately, unless its about Emmalee. I always knew my life would be turned upside down by a baby, but I didn't realize how upside down it would get. I can tell you that I love being pregnant (so far) and I love feeling her movements.

Her room is coming along more and more each day! I love decorating for her, and of course love shopping for her too! Hopefully I will have pictures soon.


Grimes Life said...

You are too cute! :)

Kim Soto said...

Yep, pretty much all of your posts will be about her, especially after she comes! :)

mattandlinz said...

Yes, a sweet little girl will definitely turn your life upside down in the best way possible!!

Annie said...

i hear ya! i'm 24 weeks today.
you look great hun!! and i love your littel girls name, so cute!

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