Friday, January 7, 2011

Me and My Friends

I stayed home from work today to spend time with my new friends - and its not my idea of fun!

Today is day 3 in the cold world, and so far, has been the worst. My sweet husband was so worried yesterday when I told him I thought I might have fever - he insisted I go to the doctor. He still insisted after I explained to him that it was just a common cold and that the doctor wouldn't do much for it. So, we compromised and I promised him that I would call my doctor and at least let him know. So I talked to Lynn, my doctor's nurse, and she said that as long as my fever wasn't over 103 and I didn't have signs of an infection, that I, and Lil' Miss, should be fine.

The only good thing about being home today is a little, well a big, puppy who loves having him mama home with him. Since we came back from our Hawaiian vacation, he hasn't left our sides. My mom and dad were sweet enough to keep him for us so we didn't have to board him. But he still missed his mom and dad, and truth be told, we missed him too! He really has been our baby these past 3 years and we just adore him. We keep asking Dax if he is ready to be a big brother. I think he is really going to be great with Emmalee - he is so loving and caring with kids.

Well I hope none of you are under the weather with the nasty cold that is going around, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I hear the weather here in Dallas is supposed to get kind of nasty on Sunday - super cold and rainy!

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