Monday, January 17, 2011

Praying for Growth

Today, Brant and I had another sonogram of Ms. Emmalee Caroline. Originally they were fearful that I might have placenta previa, but thankfully, the placenta has moved up its position and is no longer a concern.

They did, however, determine one other area of concern. Most babies have 3 blood vessels in the umbilical cord. Emmalee only has 2. We were told that most often, this would accompany a birth defect or problem; however, Emmalee is showing no signs of any birth defect. The doctor assured Brant and I that if there were a defect present, we would already see it on the sonogram - and her sonograms look great! The doctor is hoping that this is just an anatomical variant - basically, a freak thing, but that Emmalee will be fine. However, some studies show that a 2-vessel cord, without any other defect present, can affect the baby's growth. As of today, Emmalee is growing wonderfully - completely on target. However, knowing that the most crucial development is toward the end, they will be monitoring her growth very carefully from here on out. If at 36 weeks, she is low on the growth scale, they will induce labor at that time.

It's almost funny - I have been so worried throughout my pregnancy about something happening to her. I feel like I waited and prayed for so long, that this sweet baby girl is just too good to be true. Well today the Lord certainly reminded me that He is still in control and that just because she is in my womb, that does not mean she is mine yet...she is still, and will always be, His child.

So today, Brant and I, again, placed full trust in the Lord, knowing that He will knit her little body together exactly as it needs to be - after all, He is her creator. We pray that she continues to grow and develop, and, whether delivered pre-term or not, that she is a strong, healthy baby.

This is a close-up of our sweet baby girl's face this morning.


Amanda said...

Ashley, a friend of mine had the same condition and her healthy baby boy is a few months old now. He ended up being 9 pounds, which was the biggest of all her babies! Also, she told me that his cord was much bigger than a normal cord, which they saw as a blessing. It was like it compensated for what is was missing. I hope that encourages you! I will be praying for baby girl to keep thriving. Love you!

Annie said...

i will be praying for your precious little emmalee and you and your husband.
her ultrasound picture is adorable!! :)

Grimes Life said...

Praying for a big healthy baby girl, but not too big! You are SO right, she is His, we just get to take care of them for a while!! Love you Williams fam! :)

The Sotos said...

We will be praying for her and you! I know she will be perfect! Well now you have even more of an excuse to EAT! :) Make that girl big and healthy. ha!

Missy said...

Yes, a friend presented with exact same condition...her little girl (Tess) is now a happy, healthy fourth grader!

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