Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's in a Name?

Today Kelly's Korner is sponsoring the second Show Us Your Singles. Although I don't have a single to "show" you, I did just want to tell you a little more about Caroline, of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet (and one that Kelly already told you about).

During my years at Dallas Baptist University, I knew "Caroline in Texas" and we actually had several classes together. I knew Caroline to be this fun, outgoing young lady who always had a smile on her face and wore the cutest outfits! It actually wasn't until I found her on the "blogsphere" that I truly got to know her heart.

Now, to tell you more about Caroline, I'm actually going to tell you about my own daughter (well, unborn daughter), Emmalee Caroline.

Emmalee's name came to be because my husband loved the name "Emily" and I loved the name "Caroline". I decided to spell Emily a bit differently, and when it came down to it, Emmalee Caroline had her name. Although I love the name Caroline, there was much more to why I chose that as my daughter's middle name (although it would have been her first name if I had it my way...but the hubs had to have some say - she is his daughter too).

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I wondered what kind of life I would want for my child. The kind of life I would want for them is simple - a life filled with the King! If there is anything I could hope for my daughter, it would be that she would one day fall so in love her Savior that a passion and desire for Him consume her life. I pray that she knows the sacrifice that He made for her, and that she is a daughter of the Most High King; that she is compassionate and loves others more than herself; that she has a hunger for the unsaved and a yearning to save them; that she will want Him more than anything else on this earth; and of course that she would overflow with southern hospitality and charm!

It was that night, as I thought about what I wanted for my child, that I knew that if she was a girl, her middle name would be Caroline. You see, I know a woman whose life it exactly what I wish for my child - the blog world knows her as Caroline in Texas. If you want to know Caroline, then know that she is exactly the woman I pray my daughter will become. She is a woman of grace, passion, amazing artistic abilities, but most of all, a child of the King. It has been such a blessing to get to know her more over these past several years, and I pray that my Emmalee will one day meet the woman who gave her the name, Emmalee Caroline.


Maria said...


Kaysie said...

I'm a new follower. :) Such a touching post, and oh so true! BTW, I've read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and LOVED it!

Tiffany said...

That might be better than finding a man! Hearing those amazing, powerful, kingdom focused things said about you. I've read her blog as well and I thik Caroline is an amazing woman though I don't know her personally. What an honor to not only be your child's namesake, but for the reasons you've mentioned. Praying Caroline's Mr. Right is reading...oh how lucky HE would be!

Tricia Nae said...

Such a great post!! I love the name Caroline's a family name on my mother's side!!

And...of course...I just love you and Caroline. I so wish we could have got to know each other at DBU. I am so blessed to have stumbled on your blog though...and gotten to know you in this format. Y'all are both Godly women and so honorable. I would be grateful beyond measure if my future daughters turned out anything like either of you!!

Praying Caroline finds her man!!

Caroline said...

Thank you, Thank you again! again i am just sooooooooo honored and my love tank is overflowing from your sweet words!!

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