Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Full of Love

Well my Valentine's Day started out kind of crummy - I had to do the 3-hour glucose test because I failed the first one. If you have never had to do the 3-hour, let me just emphasize that it is NOT fun! You have to fast for 8 hours, and then can't eat until the test is that's 11 hours of not eating! And when you're pregnant - no food equals no fun!

But after my test was over, I went and had plenty of protein at Chipotle - the best burritos of all time (in my opinion)! I felt a little better, but I am still weak and tired...and my head hurts! But oh well - its all for baby girl, right?

Well for Valentine's Day, Brant and I decided to forgo gifts this year - I mean we have a baby coming and need to save all the money we possibly can. We plan on going out for a nice dinner this weekend, but we would rather spend tonight at home, snuggled up on the sofa and watching our favorite shows! But for dinner, I promised to make one of Brant's (and my) favorite meals.

Salmon Croquettes (Cooking Light style)
Roasted Asparagus

For dessert, I think I'm going to try these Chocolate Souffle Cakes!

What are your plans for the day?

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